Sunday, August 12, 2012

Some Darn Good Love Poetry

The latin word "Fiat" translates to "let it be done," and it is most commonly referred to (in Catholic circles) Mother Mary's whole-hearted acceptance when the angel Gabriel told her she was going to give birth to Christ. Mary gave her whole life to God. She knew that something so momentous - being the first tabernacle - was going to require her to completely submit to the Will of God. Do we do the same?

Most people want to find "the one" and get married. Most people go through ups and downs in the dating process until they find their beloved. But when things don't go right, I wonder how many of us tell God that whatever He wants is what we want. I wonder how often we tell God that even though unrequited love is breaking our heart, He can - in a sense - break our heart too. That if heartache is His will, then we want it as well.

My friend Joseph, who also blogs, wrote this amazing poem about how essential God is in our romantic relationships. Here's an excerpt:

"To Him, and you, I earnestly pray
'I want what He wants, for your joy complete,
With His plan for you, I will not compete.

He has spoken to my heart in His Holy Word,
He is first, you are second, and I am third."

Seriously, it's beautiful stuff (as is all of Joseph's poetry). It speaks Truth. Go read - nay, go pray - the rest of the poem, and follow his blog.

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